Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics CRM with MYOB

The MYOB connector add-on for Dynamics 365 CRM is a secure, robust and reliable cloud-hosted service to synchronize and link customer records, invoices, and payments between Dynamics 365 CRM and MYOB. This ensures that the information is upto-date, saving you time, money and improving your customer relationships. You can easily have your organization and its related Contacts, Product/Services, Invoices, payments updated on both the ends. It reduces hours of laborious work of re-entering data again and again in Dynamics CRM and MYOB.

Sync Master Data

You can easily configure and synchronize the master data items such as chart of accounts, tax rates, products/services from MYOB to Dynamics CRM. The same can be enabled for other fields such as contacts, accounts from Dynamics CRM to MYOB.

Harmonize Transactions

Seamlessly track and push transaction information such as invoices from Dynamics CRM to MYOB. Payments are automatically pulled from MYOB into Dynamics CRM. The invoice information are linked to appropriate entities.

Flexible, Customizable and Insightful

The solution is completely flexible for customization to meet your custom needs.  This add-on enables you to trigger the synchronization based on your unique business needs. Get a clear view of your data synchronization using the dashboard.

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